2nd Grade


Second Graders are encouraged to read for 15 minutes each night. It’s important for them to discuss what they have read to an adult. Here are some good discussion questions: What was the story about? Can you tell me the beginning, middle, and the ending? How would you describe that character in the book? Why? What did you think was going to happen when…? Does this book remind you of something you have done before? Does this book remind you of another book you have read? How?

Second Graders are also encouraged to practice their addition and subtraction facts (up to 20) at home. They should know them quick as a snap.

Are you connected to your child’s SEESAW class? If not, please contact your teacher for directions. SEESAW is like having a window into your child’s classroom. You will see what they are working on, friends they are making, classroom fun, and much more. Please take a few minutes to get connected to your child’s classroom by using this app.

Good apps for practice:
Epic Books
Dream Box
My Lexia