China Spring Elementary School

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Grandparent's Night & Book Fair Night (CLICK ON THIS LINK)

16th Annual Grandparent/Parent Night:  The 16th Annual Grandparents’ Night will be held in conjunction with the Scholastic Book Fair on Tuesday, September 19 from 5:30-7:30.  The PE department and students of China Spring elementary will host “Games of the Past” in the cafeteria and multi-purpose room.  An example of games that can be played with your child or grandchild will be tidily winks, marbles, jacks, pickup sticks, horse shoes, washers, hula hoop, card games, jump rope, dominoes, and many more.  (In physical education, we have been emphasizing games students can play to bridge the generation gap of Wii, PS4 and XBOX.  We will be going over the basics of all the games and would love for parents and grandparents to join the fun and even show some new games to their child or grandchild.) 

***In addition to the Book Fair and “Games of the Past,” grandparents can take a tour of the campus, visit their grandchild’s classroom, and meet the teacher. 

  • Games in the Cafeteria 5:30-7:30
  • Book Fair Open in the Multi-Purpose Room 3:00-8:00
  • Teachers in Classrooms 6:00-7:00