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Counseling Department

Welcome to the China Spring Elementary Counseling Department!
       "Comprehensive, developmental guidance and counseling programs are vital to the achievement of excellence in education for all students. The Texas Comprehensive, Developmental Guidance and Counseling Program is an integral part of each school’s total educational program. In order to preserve the academic day, team planning is necessary when delivering the developmental guidance and counseling program. The counselors primary focus is to facilitate instruction by removing impediments to student learning. It is developmental by design and includes sequential activities organized and implemented by certified school counselors with the support of teachers, administrators, students, and parents.

      Comprehensive, developmental guidance and counseling programs organize resources to meet the priority needs of students through four delivery system components. The identified needs of all students in prekindergarten through grade twelve provide the basis for the developmental guidance program, delivered through the Guidance Curriculum and Individual Planning System components. The identified special needs of some students provide the basis for the Responsive Services component. The identified needs of the school system itself are met through the System Support component." -- A Model Comprehensive , Developmental Guidance and Counseling Program for Texas Public Schools