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Community Resources

If this is an emergency, dial 911.
If this is not an emergency, feel free to look at the list of resources below.  They are great places to start looking if/when you need additional help outside of the school setting.
Resources for Heart of Texas Region

Baylor University Psychology Clinic 254-710-2470
Cedar Crest Clinic, Killeen 254-519-4162
Cenikor 254-224-8881
Depaul Center 254-776-5970
Family Abuse Center 254-772-8999
Family Counseling & Children’s Services 254-313-4500
H.O.P.E.S., Prevention & Early Support 254-732-0482
Lake Shore Center for Psychological Service 254-776-0400
Limestone Medical Ctr, Behavioral Health, Grosebeck 254-729-2014
MHMR Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) 254-752-3451
MHMR Bosque County, Meridian 254-435-2211
MHMR Clifton Street Clinic, Crisis Trtmt Ctr, Waco 254-297-7740
MHMR Counseling Center, Waco 254-297-7100
MHMR Crisis Hotline, 800-866-2465
MHMR Crisis Treatment Center 254-867-6550
MHMR Day Habilitation, Waco 254-752-8361
MHMR Independence Center 254-297-7150
MHMR Intellectual Center 254-757-3933
MHMR Klaras Center for Families 254-752-7889
MHMR Klaras Children’s Center, children under 3 254-297-7089
MHMR Waco, McLennan County 254-752-3451
National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI) 254-297-7107
Senior Adult Program, Beahvioral Health, Grosebeck 254-729-2014
Substance Use Hotline 800-662-4357
Suicide Hotline 800-273-8255
Together in Texas, Marriage Counseling 254-756-2656
Unbound, Victims of Sex/Human Trafficking, Ext:134 254-754-0386
Waco Center for Youth 254-756-2171

Autism Network 254-733-8965
Clifton Street Clinic, McLennan 254-297-7740
Crisis Treatment Center, McLennan 254-867-6550
Depaul Center, Waco 254-776-5970
Family Counseling and Children Services 254-313-4500
HOTI, Day Habilitation, Waco, McLennan 254-752-8361
I Care, Mobile Crisis Team, MHMR 800-866-2465
Klaras Center for Families, Mclennan 254-752-7889
Mental Health Grace Alliance 254-235-0616
Methodist Children Home Community Services 254-723-0181
MOSAIC, Ext:211 254-757-3434
National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) 254-297-7101



Whether it’s the doctor or dentist, the pharmacy, a job interview, the VA, or to and from work, we are here to serve you: Simply call 254-750-1620 or1-877-875-7433 and schedule your curb to curb service.  
No application is necessary. 
All general public in McLennan County outside of the urbanized area are eligible for transportation.
Trips may either originate or end in McLennan County.
Trips must be scheduled in advance based upon availability.
Client pays a $3 (in county) to $5 (adjacent county and same day one way) fare for each trip when vehicle arrives.
5:15AM - 7:15 PM (Mon.- Fri.)
6:15AM-8:15PM Sat.
Same day service.
Standby drivers.
Service to Temple.
Service for Parolees.
If you are still in need of more information on how to get the help you need in the Waco area, check out Get Help Locally.  This website is run by Prosper Waco.
Midway ISD also has a great resource guide.  Check it out by clicking the link below:
published by Midway ISD.